Celebrating the Legacy of 100 Years


Our agency has been proudly serving the community for the past 100 years! Countless people have helped to build a strong foundation of serving people experiencing homelessness in our community!

We want to honor a few individuals and groups whose service has deeply shaped The Road Home and who we are today!

Suzanne Goldsmith Legacy Honoree’s


Bishop H. David Burton 

Bishop H. David Burton started supporting The Road Home as a board member in 2013 and became an emeritus board member in 2017. During his tenure, Bishop Burton was instrumental in the creation of Palmer Court, the first permanent supportive housing facility in Salt Lake County. For this project, Bishop Burton secured significant private funding, brought on a pro bono project manager, and served on the development committee. Palmer Court provides permanent housing for hundreds of individuals and families with children formerly struggling to exit the cycle of homelessness. We are extraordinarily grateful for Bishop H. David Burton’s inspiring contributions!


Broadway Media and Bonneville Media

In the 1990s, radio stations from Bonneville and Broadway Media came together to help The Road Home raise vital funds during the holiday season. The stations visited the downtown Community Shelter to broadcast live, and from there The Road Home’s Holiday Mediathon was born. This event has grown to include up to 12 media stations, and it brings together hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, and the community to ensure that people experiencing homelessness have the services they need to move home. We are grateful to Bonneville and Broadway Media for continuing this incredible tradition and for always reaching out with more ways to tell our story. They have become a cornerstone of The Road Home.


Jon M. Huntsman Sr & the Huntsman Family

When Jon M. Huntsman Sr. was driving to the hospital for cancer surgery, he stopped on his way at three nonprofits and donated $1 million to each. The Road Home was one of the lucky recipients. That was just the beginning of Jon’s giving, and each year he generously donated to The Road Home. Jon M. Huntsman Sr. passed his spirit of open-hearted generosity to his family, who have also supported The Road Home as board members, donors, and partners with 4th Street Clinic on mental health projects for people served in our programs. We are deeply grateful for the Huntsman Family’s legacy and steadfast support.

Lawrence R. Barusch

Larry Barusch has been part of The Road Home team for over a decade. He has served as our attorney pro bono and as general counsel with tremendous support from Parsons, Behle, and Latimer law firm. He guided our agency through many years of challenges and legal pathways to grow our impact and expand our housing programs. Larry has assisted us with numerous projects, including the renovation of Palmer Court, the rebuild and purchase of our Midvale Family Resource Center, the purchase and renovation of the Wendell apartments, the building of the Magnolia, property transfers, and more. Without Larry, The Road Home would not be able to provide the housing and shelter services we do today. We are grateful for his dedication and legacy that has empowered people to move out of homelessness and into permanent housing.


Plaque Recipients

Ace Recycling and Disposal

The extraordinary team at Ace Recycling and Disposal have become a pillar of support for The Road Home. For 15 years they have hosted a golf tournament, with all proceeds supporting The Road Home, raising nearly $1 million to date. ACE has also helped us tell our story in their mailings. We are deeply grateful that they are part of our story.


Blaine and Hilea Walker
Blaine and Hilea Walker have been instrumental in serving The Road Home. They have facilitated numerous real estate transactions on our behalf, including purchases, transfers, and sales, including our PSH facilities and our new headquarters. Because of their service, we have been able to open scattered housing sites across the Wasatch Front to provide permanent homes for numerous people formerly experiencing homelessness. Blaine and Hilea have additionally served on our Board of Trustees and have dedicated hundreds of hours to help strengthen The Road Home’s mission. We are truly thankful for their indelible support.


Dominique Anderson

Dominque Anderson has been involved with The Road Home for decades in numerous capacities. She was asked by her employer to assist The Road Home with the 4th annual Chili Affair event, which led to her chairing Chili Affair, joining the Board of Trustees, serving on many committees, and bringing to The Road Home table her mother and stepfather—Blaine & Hilea Walker. Dominique’s public relations expertise helped grow our agency’s professional communications, newsletter, and overall image to reflect our mission and tell our story. Thank you, Dominique!

David James

David James is an outstanding storyteller, and as a tv news anchor, he has helped tell compelling stories of The Road Home’s work and impact. He is a constant advocate for people experiencing homelessness and has served as a hands-on volunteer, through media channels, and by making connections with numerous stakeholders, who in turn have become longtime supporters of our work. David has supported large-scale volunteer projects and fundraising events for The Road Home. He has made a unique contribution serving local youth impacted by homelessness. We are appreciative of David’s lasting impact!


Evelyn Lee
Evelyn Lee has been instrumental in creating the foundation The Road Home stands on today. As a board member for the Travelers Aid Society, Evelyn helped launch the downtown Community Shelter. At this time of greater fundraising needs, Evelyn—with Suzanne Goldsmith and Joanne Rice—started the Great Salt Lake Chili Affair, a signatory event for The Road Home. Evelyn and her late husband James Lee for many decades supported our work to serve community members experiencing homelessness. We are so grateful for her contributions!


George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation

The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation has a lasting tradition of philanthropic service in our community. Their generosity has benefited The Road Home for 30+ years, helping thousands of people experiencing homelessness move back home. They were particularly instrumental in supporting the rebuild of the Midvale Family Resource Center. We are profoundly grateful for their enduring support.


Holly Brough

Holly is an inspiration with her creative, giving spirit! While volunteering with children at the downtown Community Shelter, she decided she wanted to make each child feel celebrated and special on their birthdays. Holly began baking birthday cakes for each child, decorating with the child’s favorite colors and delivering the cakes on their birthdays. For 23 years, she changed the lives of children staying in shelter with their families and has created a legacy for others to continue this important work. We are thankful for her thoughtful gifts and support.


Julie Kilgore

Julie Kilgore served as the Board of Trustees president for The Road Home from 2009 to 2010. She has assisted us with environmental mitigation on new properties and has managed our phone room at the Mediathon fundraiser for many years.


Morgan Stanley

For the past 20 years, Morgan Stanley has awarded The Road Home generous grant funding, impacting thousands of people in need of housing support at a time of great need by helping them move home. We are deeply grateful for Morgan Stanley’s tremendous generosity.


Rob Perry

Rob and his partner Jan have helped support and guide The Road Home for decades, starting at the downtown Community Shelter. Rob has not only served our agency with his personal resources and business skills, he has introduced countless individuals and businesses to the challenges of homelessness and sparked their involvement as they see the impact he has made. Thank you, Rob and Jan!



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