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If you or someone you know is struggling to stay housed, please click here or contact Utah Community Action at:

The Road Home believes housing is the solution to homelessness.

Our programs help families and individuals move into housing and focus on short-term solutions that lead to long-term stability.



Housing Navigation services are designed to help people find safe, affordable homes in the community

These services include:

  • Gathering a housing history
  • Understanding what type of housing each household is seeking
  • Identifying and mitigating housing barriers
  • Navigating the array of rental assistance and affordable housing programs
  • Assisting with household eligibility, rental applications, and landlord interviews
  • Providing basic needs for the home, including beds, kitchen items, and food supply.

The Road Home provides these services for families, individuals, and Veterans who are experiencing homelessness throughout Salt Lake County.
Our team is on-site at each of the resource centers in the County and provides mobile outreach as needed to unsheltered people.


The Road Home’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) team works to ensure that any veteran experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County is engaged and has access to housing resources.

The goal of the SSVF program is to provide low-income veterans experiencing homelessness or at-risk of experiencing homelessness with a range of supportive services designed to promote housing stability.

We partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other community partners to work towards the goal of ending veteran homelessness across Salt Lake County.

SSVF Outreach Contact:

SSVF Email:
[email protected]


This program is nationally recognized as an important tool of ending homelessness. The Road Home’s Rapid Re-Housing program does just that—rapidly helps people, like families and veterans, move into homes and remain housed. Services are tailored to each household and can include rental assistance, providing basic needs for the home, and case management to connect people to resources like affordable childcare, public benefits, employment opportunities, and food security.

The Family Assistance and Support Team (FAST) serves families who benefit from additional aid beyond our Rapid Re-Housing Program, like financial assistance and supports for parental health and child development. Case managers, a behavioral health clinician, and a nurse are vital members of our FAST team. This program partners with Artemis Associates using the BSAFE model for families.

As part of Rapid Re-Housing, The Road Home helps Veterans and their families move home through our Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program (SSVF). We partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other community partners to work towards the goal of ending veteran homelessness across Salt Lake County.

Family Rapid Rehousing Case Management Office:
[email protected]

Rapid Rehousing for Individuals Case Management Office:
[email protected]


Through this program, The Road Home offers affordable housing and case management to people experiencing chronic homelessness, helping them remain stably housed. These are people with a disabling condition who have been without a home for a long time. Research shows that Permanent Supportive Housing programs help people stay in their homes, improve their health, and also save communities money. Onsite services—like Head Start, supports for health and employment, connection to community resources, and volunteer-led community activities—help ensure tenants remain stably housed. We provide Permanent Supportive Housing in apartment complexes across Salt Lake County, including Palmer Court (201 units) and Wendell Apartments (32 units).


Originally a Holiday Inn hotel, Palmer Court Apartments was renovated and transformed into 201 units of permanent supportive housing in 2009. Families and individuals with a former history of chronic homelessness have been able to call Palmer Court home for over 11 years. Onsite supportive services—including Early HeadStart and HeadStart, health and behavioral health supports, employment supports, and volunteer supported activities—ensure that tenants have the resources they need to remain stable in their homes.


This program aims to support individuals experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake City who frequently interact with emergency services and have a high number of emergency shelter nights. Delivered in partnership with Salt Lake City government, this intervention aims to provide housing and ongoing supports to some of the most vulnerable in our community. Since its inception in 2015, this program has demonstrated that safe, affordable housing helps to significantly reduce program participants’ use of emergency services and shelter.


This apartment complex is 32 units of permanent supportive housing and has been operated by The Road Home since 2014. Onsite supportive services are provided for tenants with a history of chronic homelessness.


The Magnolia Apartments opened its doors to 65 people who had experienced long-term homelessness in August 2021. Tenants are provided a suite of comprehensive on-site services that include intensive case management supports, 24-7 property management staff, and security.


The Road Home is seeking landlords who want to partner to provide housing opportunities to families, individuals and Veterans who are working to resolve their current housing crisis. 

New Landlords – Are you interested in partnering with us to provide housing? Our specialized Housing Stability team is dedicated to working alongside you to support tenant success. Our programs include: 

Rapid Re-Housing 

  • Includes a deposit, prorate, first month’s rent and case management. 
  • Supports Veterans, families, and individuals. 

Permanent Supportive Housing 

  • Includes a deposit, prorate, ongoing rental assistance and intensive case management. 
  • Supports Veterans, families and individuals. 

Want to partner with us? Please contact us at [email protected] 

Current Landlords – If you are currently partnering with us and need support, please reach out to our team at [email protected]. Partnerships like yours make our housing programs possible. Thank you! 


Do you have a success story you’d like to share? Let us know!