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Looking for immediate shelter?

Call The Homeless Services Line:


Other Resources:

Experiencing a housing crisis?

Our team may be able to help you find the resources you’re in need of. Please call Our Housing Hotline:


Team members available:M–F between 9am–5pm

If you have questions about any other resource in the community:

  • Utilities
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • More

Please call:211

Housing Navigation services are the core of our service delivery model.

These services include:

  • Gathering a housing history
  • Understanding what type of housing each household is seeking
  • Identifying and mitigating housing barriers
  • Navigating the array of rental assistance and affordable housing programs
  • Assisting with household eligibility, rental applications, and landlord interviews
  • Providing basic needs for the home, including beds, kitchen items, and food supply.

The Road Home provides these services for families, individuals, and Veterans who are experiencing homelessness throughout Salt Lake County.
Our team is on-site at each of the resource centers in the County and provides mobile outreach as needed to unsheltered people.