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July 17, 2014Apple Tree: Apple Tree is an incredible program that helps get the children staying at The Road Home, ready to go back to school. View More >

July 17, 2014Giving the homeless a home is often cheaper than leaving them on the streets: Massive five-year pilot project in Canada has kept 2,000 people off the streets for over two years and how programs in the US compare. View More >

June 28, 2014Salt Lake City a model for S.F. on homeless solutions: Salt Lake City has cut its chronic homelessness rate dramatically during the last 10 years by giving homeless people nice, permanent places to live with lots of counseling on-site. Its experience offers valuable lessons. View More >

June 16, 2014Salt Lake City a partner in campaign to house 100K chronically homeless Americans: Salt Lake City and other partners in a national effort to reduce chronic homelessness have reached their collective goal of housing 100,000 Americans. The men, women and children housed include more than 30,000 veterans View More >

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